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Up To Date Experience

Our 1st class training team are still involved in the Hostile world having trained Special Forces and working for International Agencies like BP.


Comprehensive Training

Our Training Program covers all the essential components required to send you into the CP world with experience and qualifications. Only the Best is Good Enough


Employment Connections

Our operational team have strong contacts with International Agencies and Oil Companies such as BP & those who reach the mark are referred to these contacts for work

Training for Hostile Environments, Ex Military Specialists, when the basics isn't enough

and when you need someone who understands your needs

Get Prepared

Module 1 Close Protection

All students under the SIA Regulations must complete the SIA Level 3 in Close Protection whether working in executive or hostile environments.

However students who intend to work mainly in the Hostile Environments are placed on our Hostile Close Protection Course where the emphasis is geared towards their future employment.

The course is a BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection with EdExcel the worlds premium awarding body.  You will take part in live scenarios where you will be responsible for looking after a VIP in real environments.

Module 2 First Person On Scene (FPOS)

We have utilised our vast military and security experience to provide the FPOS I (First Person on Scene) course. This course will develop your skills and teach you how to rapidly assess a situation as well as stabilise and transfer a victim of trauma in an emergency.

The FPOS training qualification will teach you how to remain calm and confident in your abilities, to deal with a situation in the crucial moments after a specific event and minimising the risk of further damage or infection.

You will need this qualification if you want to progress any further with your career in the Hostile Environment as it is vastly becoming the unofficial industry standard.

Module 3 Hostile Environment Firearms &Tactics (H.E.F.A.T.) Level 4

This course compliments the previously two modules perfectly for those wanted to progress onto Hostile Environments.  However it is possible for those students who already have their Close Protection Licence to take this module as a stand alone.

The course is designed by our own Special Forces and Armed Forces Instructors following consultation with large Corporations who require CP operatives to work in Hostile Environments.  This is an up to date course solely designed to prepare you for work in the private sector in Hostile areas of the world.

Taking place in both the UK and Poland you will cover the following areas:

  • Foot Tactics
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Pistol Tactic
  • Carbine Tactics

Our Specialist Hostile CP Trainers

We use some of the UKs Top CP Trainers who live and breath the Industry

Ian Carvell
Ian Carvell
Senior Trainer

Former Royal and Diplomatic Protection A former Special Branch officer who worked with the Royal and Diplomatic protection squads. A thirty year career in the Police saw him commended three times, including numerous government specialist operations , including anti terrorist work in the UK and abroad. Now the Senior Trainer with TSC he also acts as a consultant for a number of high profile companies and clients, including Middle East Embassies in relation the Security and Close Protection of Ambassadors and staff. His vast experience is now available to students who wish to become Close Protection Operatives in the UK or abroad. His friendly and enthusiastic approach to training, coupled with his vast operational experience has benefited hundreds of students to successfully qualify as Close Protection Officers with The Security College.

John Sidwell
John Sidwell

John was a member of the British Armed Forces for 10 years, where he experienced both peace time and war time operations in various countries around the world including Iraq. Since leaving the Army he has worked in various locations including Afghanistan. With vast experience in all aspects of Security, since leaving the armed forces, he has become a specialist, in Close Protection Training and Close Protection Driving.. He has also developed his experience working with Door Supervisors, and Control room operations. He brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to The Security College for the benefit of our students.

Matt Loveless
Matt Loveless
Operations & Business Development Manager

Matt comes from a military back ground having served in the 2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets for 10 years. During this time he operated predominately with the Reconnaissance Platoon and specialized roles in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq. Since leaving the Military in 2008 Matt has developed into a highly experienced security specialist in global security operations and training, with a uniquely integrated approach to management and community development, utilizing his leadership skills developed in the British military. Matts consultancy work, particularly in setting up new projects has enabled him to build an impressive portfolio of experience in the global security industry including oil and gas, maritime and stabilization projects in hostile environments. Matt has a vast amount of experience training individuals and teams within hostile and kinetic environments and also brings his instructional skills to TSC as a qualified trainer

Paul B
Paul B
Consultant Trainer - SAS

Paul B is a former SAS soldier who is the latest addition to the TSC Training Team. He joins on a consultancy basis to lead the firearms, hostile environment training and operational sections. He has served for 22 years in the British Armed Forces, firstly in the parachute regiment, and in the last 12 years with the SAS operating throughout the world.. Paul has been asked to maintain and develop the standards of TSC's Hostile training, Firearms and operational sections. TSC is delighted to have secured the services of such a highly skilled soldier who can now pass on his vast skills to our students who will be working as Executive and Hostile CPO's in the UK and abroad.

What Edexcel Say About Us...

” The extensive experience and knowledge of the programme team is ensuring the delivery of a very high quality programme, which is clearly appreciated by the opinions of learners as evidenced by their evaluations and recommendation…”

” The personnel used to deliver and assess the centre’s Close Protection programme comprise a small, dedicated and highly experienced team in the field of close protection. The armed forces and police backgrounds of team members ensure appropriate vocational competence, which is supported by very high levels of enthusiasm for the programme and its delivery. The team set themselves and the learners very high standards and expectations, which they are not prepared to compromise and which help to ensure that all learners are given the opportunity within the 14 day programme to gain experience from and learn from a highly qualified team.”

” The very high success rate combined with the minimal rate of non-completions clearly indicate that learners are recruited with integrity and they learn, achieve and progress.”

Module 1CP for Hostile Environments


Module 2F.P.O.S.


Module 3H.E.F.A.T.